Light walking is something dark and bright

Your journey into the shadows should be a lifelong, worldwide adventure!

About is maintained by professional commercial photographer Marc Blake. His interest in photography began when he was thirteen years of age. It was then that he developed his first roll of B&W film.

It was only natural that he became the high school’s ace photographer.

Marc developed a close friendship with his photography instructor and  journeyed with him and a group of students studying art history in Europe. A major influence in Marc’s life was studying the arts while traveling.

More and more he worked to gain understanding of the passion involved when artists capture life onto their canvas and translate that moment into a meaningful emotion. Marc returned to Europe two years later to further his study art history of the arts.

“A photograph can tell a story. We understand this. However, when that story is told with emotion it transcends itself into something much stronger and meaningful. This strength and meaning is what I bring to my work.”

His work with photography has since migrated to include video production through his company, Sword of Creation.





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Workshops and Training


Marc Blake provides custom-designed workshops for groups. His workshops are able to include a vast array of topics and techniques in both photography and video.

Along with these topics, Marc also covers the many aspects required to succeed in the production of work when engaged into a project.

Whether your needs are purely stimulated by a creative urge or a commercial need, Marc Blake delivers a full-spectrum approach that helps you cut to the chase and ready yourself for your projects at hand.

For pricing information or to have your questions answered, please use the contact form below.


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